Away Days Trailer — Adidas Skateboarding Film

Away Days is the culmination of more than three years of filming, spanning over 90 cities around the world profiling the adidas Skateboarding team and their unique skateboarding abilities. Not unlike the keys to a grand piano, adidas has a diverse international and domestic team creating a full symphony of style and personality. 

The title Away Days was conjured by adidas US Team Manager and iconic photographer Skin Phillips. The film’s title is derived from a British futbol term “Away Days’ signifying the comradery of futbol teams and their fans while traveling on the road to rival stadiums. The film anchored by a diverse team comradery, breadths a creative spirit and dedication to the art of skateboarding and filmmaking.

Founded in 1998, adidas distributes to a global network of skateboarders and retailers. Adidas Skateboarding is a segment of adidas Original, a division of adidas Group.

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Adidas Skateboarding presents Away Days, the first full length feature skate film from Adidas. Today, March first 2016, adidas released their Away Days trailer, featuring their US and international teams. The highly anticipated full length film features skateboarders Mark Gonzales, Silas Baxter-Neal, Lucas Puig, Miles Silvas, and several other highly revered skateboarders. The video is scheduled to premiere in Los Angeles, May 2016, followed by a World tour in New York, London, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. 

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