Baker Boys Alone Together

Baker Boys Distribution‘s world-famous training facility recently got the boob tube treatment in Alone Together, a Freeform comedy executive produced by Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island Classics.* Alone Together* stars LA comedy doyenne Esther Povitsky (aka “Little Esther) and her IRL BFF Benji Aflalo as BFFs who get into all kinds of scrapes, capers, and adventures. In this season’s second episode, “Pootie,” their travels bring them to Supertrill, a Supreme-esque skate shop situated smack dab in Baker Boy’s private park. It’s a trip to see Neckface’s art (edit: NECKFACE’S ART!!!) in a half-hour comedy context. And, Tristan Funkhouser gets some pretty tight BGPs when one of the extras 50-50s the hubba by the “T-FUNK IS PRO!!!” mural (see below).

At last count, Los Angeles has approximately 3,076 private skateparks. At this point it’s less likely to find a warehouse that doesn’t have a skatepark in this city, which means that production companies have their pick of the litter when they need a little skate action in the background, or when they need a good villain. (in the “Pootie” episode, Little Esther exclaims, “Skater boys scare me.” Lawl.) So, expect to see more of your favorite spots get the Hollywood treatment very soon.

In fact, The Berrics is no stranger to location rentals: These hallowed halls have played host to a Fall Out Boy music video, a mind-blowing all-girls skate demo (featuring a then-amateur Nora Vasconcellos) for a Kenzo Kalifornia bag collection, and a Nickelodeon Hot Wheels challenge (which was a lot like this one at Woodward), among many, many, many others. And we have more stuff in the works—it’s good to see Baker Boys getting a slice of this Hollywood pie!

But we do have one question: With the recent Trailer Park Boys collab, and now appearing in this Samberg show, are the Baker Boys low-key comedy nerds? Or, as Neckface would say… COMEDY NERDS!!!

Watch the “Pootie” episode of Alone Together on Hulu or the Freeform app.

Baker Boys Alone Together

Baker Boys Alone Together

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