BAM MARGERA — The Nine Club

Bam Margera’s comeback is one of skateboarding’s biggest stories from 2017. In March, the news broke that he started skating again after a five-year hiatus. In September, the story of Bam’s rise, fall, and return was told on the small screen via the premier episode of Viceland’s Epicly Later’d. That same month, he was welcomed back by Element. And in October, Margera released all of the footage that he accumulated in Spain while relearning to skate via his YouTube channel. This cemented Bam’s claim that he is, in fact, fully committed to skateboarding again. 

Today, The Nine Club released a two-hour interview with Bam that goes where the previous coverage hasn’t. He talks about his rise in skateboarding, the impact that fame had on his life, his finances, and many other details that he has yet to go on the record about in 2017. 

If you’ve been following this story, you’ll definitely want to carve a chunk of time out of your day and give this episode a listen.

Element | Welcome Back Bam!

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