BANGIN! — Alec Majerus

From start to finish, the hardest part about this BANGIN was deciding what order to put the tricks in because they’re all so damn gnarly. Any one of these tricks could have been an ender. Not only is this BANGIN insane but he did it with such ease. Alec is one of those guys who I can pretty much suggest any trick I want to see and he’ll just say ‘ok’ and do it in a few tries. It’s quite a nice situation for me actually—he’s like a trick hotline I call to witness anything I want!  On the other hand, whenever he tells me what he’s about to try next it’s usually so insane that I kind of just hold back my emotions and say ‘OK, cool,” but on the inside I’m like, ‘Holy shit. Is he out of his mind?’ haha. That way he maybe doesn’t realize how gnarly the trick is that he’s going to try. I don’t know… filmer logic. Anyway, enjoy this BANGIN, it’s one for the ages! – Chase

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