BANGIN — Sean Malto

Sean Malto was last seen in this video. He can be seen next in this video. But none of these videos have anything to do with the Wednesdays with Reda video you want to see or the video you’re about to watch of Sean Malto. Wednesdays with Reda is going up in the second half of the day, but the first half of this Wednesday belongs to Sean Malto because Sean Malto is BANGIN!! (in the Berrics, not in Littlerock) And for the hundred or so of you who emailed yesterday and asked why we’ve been slipping on our daily posts and why the site crashed on Monday, well the answer is: because… that’s why. You’ll find out soon enough and you’ll forgive us. In fact, so much so you’ll probably want to send us a money order for $100,000. Oh, and if any of you know anyone in the FBI, please lemme know.

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