Bastien Salabanzi Leaves Primitive After 4 Years

Bastien Salabanzi has left Primitive, his board sponsor for the past four years. He made the announcement via an Instagram post last Saturday. Salabanzi, who steamrolled on to the scene at 16 in the 2002 Flip video Sorry!, joined the team in 2015 after a long period without a board sponsor.

Salabanzi’s post reads, “I wanna thank Primitive for all those years and beautiful memories together. I will miss my squad, friends, and family. I’ve been skating for 26 years and I can tell when I ain’t doing what I’m suppose to and that’s why I decided with a smile and plenty of serenity to quit Primitive to do me. I wanna skate the way it feels right to my heart and soul. Thank God, from now on I will!”

Salabanzi has worked with The Berrics on several projects, most notably BATB 6 and BATB 8, and has agreed to let us film his recovery from an ACL injury in 2017 for our ‘Medical Leave of Absence’ documentary series. Watch those pieces, and more, below, and shop our selection of Primitive gear in The Canteen:

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