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BATB CLASSIC MOMENT — P-Rod’s Epic Comeback Vs. PJ Ladd

Back in Summer 2010, the original Berrics location (east of the LA River) hosted a packed house for BATB 3 Finals. A sweaty, momentous occasion, the Championship Battle turned up the heat and gave the crowd something to fan themselves over.

After an epic back-and-forth where PJ seemed to have the upper hand for most of the battle, P-Rod made the comeback of all comebacks. Although PJ took the defeat in stride with a smile, he wasn’t about to let that shit happen again: he dominated Battle At The Berrics 5, and ultimately faced off against P-Rod, winning a second title in BATB 6. 

Incidentally, Tony Hawk (you may have heard of him) refereed this barn burner. At the close of the night, as everyone involved wiped the sweat from their brows, he made a little speech, and said, “This whole idea of The Berrics has been amazing for skateboarding.” Five years later, in the August 23, 2015 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Tony repeated this sentiment by saying The Berrics “is one of the best sites for skate videos” and explained the concept of BATB to the WSJ audience. For something that started out as a place for Koston and Berra to have a sesh with their friends, this kind of support and recognition has meant the world to us.

Watch the original Battle here!

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