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BATB CLASSY MOMENT — Chivalry Always Wins

Sewa Kroetkov strives for perfection; just go back and watch any of the dozens of videos he’s filmed with us for proof of his technical accuracy. When he got the chance to compete in this year’s BATB X Finals—the apex of flatground mastery—Sewa held himself to a higher standard. At a crucial point in his battle versus Chris Joslin, he twirled his index finger on offense, as if to say, “I could do better.” To the naked eye, his frontside doubleflip was as legit as they come. But from Sewa’s perspective, the trick was beneath him.

Whether the ultimate outcome of this match was aided by Sewa’s gallantry isn’t important. His moment of self-refereeing when the stakes couldn’t have been higher was a game changer. Chivalry always wins.

Watch the BATB X Championship battle here.

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