Beagle Unearths Priceless 2003 Paul Rodriguez Footage

Beagle, the genius behind that Baker look you know and love, saves everything. Some may call that hoarding, but you never know when you’re need that 2003 tape of Bryan Herman and Paul Rodriguez footage, right? Beagle’s hoarding tendencies are still paying funky dividends: In the latest episode of’s ‘Beagle Tapes’, the super-young P-Rod and B-Herms lock down some classic clips while Beagle manages to capture it all perfectly (he even coordinates a flock of birds for P-Rod’s keeper). Not to mention, Beagle even gets his own incredibly smooth pop shuv into a kinked hubba. Say What?! Watch the raw tape, above!

P-Rod has been a regular at The Berrics since the beginning. BATB champ, Run & Gun champ… The 4 videos below account for 9,791,412 views on YouTube (give or take a few); everybody loves P-Rod.

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