Beagle Unearths Classic Antwuan Dixon Carlsbad Raw Footage

Baker‘s filmer Beagle takes pride in his lensmanship. Maybe that’s why he’s been stockpiling hours and hours of classic Baker behind-the-scenes footage and unseen clips for the past two decades. On the latest episode of his ‘Beagle Tapes’ series he shows you Tape #D86 (2005), featuring a 16-year-old Antwuan Dixon nollie heelflipping (!) the now-defunct Carlsbad Gap. According to Beagle, Dixon landed this bad boy on his third try! Baker 3 would premiere shortly afterwards on August 11, 2005. Watch the 15-minute trip down raw footage lane, above!

Beagle has worked with The Berrics on many occasions, most notably for our 2015 REDirect series (starring Murdy the Dawg). Check out a few of his recent projects with us, and our interview with the one and only Dixon, below!

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