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Beagle Tapes #116 Takes us back to 2004 with Andrew Reynolds and Jim Greco

Baker‘s filmer Beagle takes pride in his lensmanship. Maybe that’s why he’s been stockpiling hours and hours of classic Baker behind-the-scenes footage and unseen clips for the past two decades. On the latest episode of his ‘Beagle Tapes’ series he shows you Tape #A91 featuring Andrew Reynolds and Jim Greco footage filmed in 2004. Ahhh, ‘04. What a time to be alive. We were treated to incredible skate videos such as Toy Machine’s Good & Evil, Foundation’s That’s Life, Almost’s Round 3, Kids in Emerica, Transworld’s Subtleties, Crail’s Hot Chocolate Video and many more classics. But beyond all the videos that were circulating at the time, the filming for one of the greatest skate videos ever made was happening… Baker 3. Baker’s masterpiece was released the following year and was solely responsible for wearing out a majority of skaters VHS machines (yes, those archaic machines that played tapes from Blockbuster that you had to rewind to watch again and again). Today, almost 18 years later, we’re treated to some behind the scenes footage from a couple sessions during the Baker 3 era. Check out the full episode of Beagle Tapes, featuring Andrew Reynolds, Jim Greco, Ryan Thomas, Spanky, Atiba Jefferson, a young David Gonzalez, and even a clip from the mastermind behind the lens, Beagle, above.

Beagle has worked with The Berrics on many occasions, most notably for our 2015 REDirect series. Check out a few of his recent projects with us, and our interview with the one and only Dixon, below!

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