‘Beagle Tapes’ Takes You Back To 2007 In Latest Episode

Baker‘s filmer Beagle unearths some 2007 gems in the latest ‘Beagle Tapes’ upload on the YouTube channel. Episode 58’s raw clips (from tape #H33… goddamn how many tapes does this fool have?!) feature a younger Ryan Ewing (aka Beagle) before he blew up to Beagleoneism proportions, Dustin Dollin, Braydon Szafranski, Theotis Beasley, and more. Watch the super-long 31-minute episode above!

Beagle has worked with The Berrics on many occasions, most notably for our 2015 REDirect series (starring Murdy the Dawg). Check out a few of his recent projects with us below!

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