Beagle Releases Lizard King 2007 Deathwish Raw Clips

Beagle‘s weekly archive uploads are always a TGIF moment for us here at The Berrics, and this week is no exception as Lizard King gets his own episode. This timely compilation comes just a few days after the Head Reptile In Charge announced his departure from Deathwish. In this edition of ‘Beagle Tapes,’ we’re treated to some of Lizard’s best moments from 2007, and the raw bits that led up to them. (Bravo, Beagle.)

Most of the world got to know Lizard (aka Mike Plumb) when Baker Has a Deathwish was released in 2008. The debut full-length had its fair share of classic quotes, but Lizard’s “Right here, for Satan” still endures as one of the most memorable in skate video history. We’ve worked with him many times over the years—his 2008 ‘Text Yo’Self’ is a gem—and his passion was always front and center, so peep some of his history with The Berrics, and the 2008 video part that really got him noticed, below:

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