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Behind The Poseiden Foundation’s ‘Ladies Day’

Created in 2008 by the nonprofit organization Poseiden Foundation, Ladies Day at The Berrics has become the park’s flagship for hosting one of the largest female skate sessions in the world.

Poseiden has been holding skate sessions and competitions for street, bowl, and vert for female competitors from novice to professional level for over fourteen years. These competitions have taken place in California (San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles), Colorado (Fort Collins), Arizona (Sierra Vista), throughout Latin America, Germany, and Spain.

Each skate session is organized by professional skateboarders such as Jen O’Brien, CaraBeth Burnside, Eliana Sosco, Laura Thornhill, Fabrizio Santos, and Poseiden Foundation’s advisory board members and global ambassadors who are skaters as well.

Ladies Day welcomes all who identify as female and each year we see a rise in female attendance in all age groups.

With Poseiden extending Ladies Day to both Adaptive Skate and Masters Best Tricks, the day was fun-packed with Open and Pro 7-stair/rail Best Tricks, Hippie Jump, and a Flatground Contest where five skaters determine winner by playing a Game of S.K.A.T.E. The Pro Best Trick won $5,000 and all winners took home over $2,000 and everyone that attended had a chance to walk away with a pair of shoes from Adidas, Etnies, Lakai, or Vans, and product from our sponsors.

In response to Ladies Day 2019, one participant commented, “In a traditionally male-dominated sport (like most), it was amazing to see The Berrics fill up with females of all ages, novices and pros, adaptive skaters as well, to take part in an event that was non-judgmental, empowering, and full of love. Seeing the smiles, hugs, and high-fives you couldn’t feel anything but positive vibes inside the iconic skate park. To see the girls support each other, work together, and show each other new tricks created a space where everyone felt comfortable and at ease. The intense determination, focus, and grit to land new tricks, fall after fall, was nothing but inspiring.”

From Tracie Garacochea, “Poseiden Foundation is instrumental in reaching out to kids through skate clinics all over the world. Bringing kids together in sports builds friendships and self-confidence. And when kids from different segments of our communities come together it tends to break down social barriers”

2020 will be Poseiden Foundation’s 12th Annual Ladies Day at The Berrics. Focusing on skateboarding as a means to promote empowerment, Poseiden Foundation knows that the legacy it’s creating extends far beyond the pavement.

A huge THANK YOU to The Berrics and Berrics Staff for their continued support and partnership with Ladies Day. And thank you to all our sponsors: NHS, Skate One ,Surfboardbroker, Adidas,  GoPro, Merge4 Socks, Calvin Klein, Pizzanista, MRM Salesgroup, Jeffery M Hill Foundation, BioMed, Never Summer Snowboards, Lakai, Stay Classy Meats, Vans, DLX Distribution,King Coast, Kai USA,Variant Decks, Cantarini Construction, Autonomy, Dwindle Distribution, Etnies, Globe, Depop, Rastaclat, Hot Shot Handle, Habitat Skateboards, and Surplus Skate. You all help make the magic happen each year with your generous donations and sponsorships.

And to all the Ladies that came out and skated and our volunteers, Thank you for making each year a blast of fun and excitement!

Special Thank you to Diesel Films for capturing the essence of Ladies Day! —Micaela Ramirez, Poseiden Foundation president

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