Help Ben Colen’s Family Pay Their Medical Bills

Help Ben Colen's Family Pay Their Medical Bills

In 2019, Jenny Colen, the wife of regular Crailtap photographer Ben Colen, was diagnosed with advanced non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an extremely serious form of blood cancer. The family sprang into action, embarking on two years of increasingly extreme trail-and-error involving chemo, immuno therapy, and even shuttling coast-to-coast to explore other tratment options. Eventually, Colen’s cousin Jeff donated his bone marrow for an experimental transplant and the results have been encouraging.

However, there’s still a considerable road to recovery ahead and, due to a recent layoff, Colen will no longer have employee-sponsored health insurance to soften the blow to the family’s finances. The outrageously expensive treatments have blindsided the family, but there is a GoFundMe page (established by Joey Pepper and Alicia Colen) in case you’re able to lend any support to the Colens. To donate, visit the page here.

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