Last week, the French-Brazilian brand Blaze Supply released Leo Bodelazzi’s new part at the Free Skate Mag site, teasing a new full-length video called Babel. Well, Babel is here and it’s a towering achievement.

Blaze Supply was founded in 2012, priding themselves on the connection between its Brazilian and European riders. In the description for Babel, the brand says that they were inspired by the story of Babel in the bible: Back in the day a bunch of people wanted to actually SEE God, so they tried to build a tower tall enough that it would reach his estimated location in the heavens. Before they could finish the job, He made them all speak different languages, making communication confusing and ensuring that they would never reach past the atmosphere. (You’ve heard the saying “Sky’s the limit”? Like, literally.) Luckily, the Blaze Supply team speak the international language of Gnartoguese.

Babel features JP Dantas, Jhony Melhado, JP Villa, Matisse Banc, Oli Weismantel, Nabil Slimani, Leo Stephan, Sandro Bertolucci, Nicolau Trimano, and Anto Forot, and was filmed in Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the U.S. Directed and Edited by Bruno Dox, and filmed by Bruno Dox, Rafael Galvão, and Rodrigo Andrade.

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