Bleach USA Releases ‘Hard Feelings’ Full-Length

Dallas, Texas’s Bleach USA is a unique apparel brand that got started in 2016 by shopping thrift stores for bargain used shirts, then screen-printed their own designs on them. Four years later, the brand is going strong with in-demand lines featuring a mixture of clever repurposed graphics and original designs. The title of the brand’s new full-length, Hard Feelings, makes it sound like they have some kind of vendetta but after watching it you’ll realize, “Oh, they probably are just talking about concrete.”

Watch the video, edited by Tanner Charles and Nick Dennison, and featuring Keegan McCutchen, Jacob Rovelli, Wade Mullendore, Jonathan Pfarrer, Dakota Overbaugh, Matt Martin, Shawn Hale, Kyle Slinky, Matt Cooper, Gavin Farmer, Travis Lewin, Bret Gregory, David Duvall, Alex Rico, Stephen Nesbitt, Darion Thompson, Luciano Hernandez, Vince Guzaldo, Big Cat, John Pankus, Ryker Frenzel, Connor Crist, Andrew Powers, Cody Moore, Tanner Quigg, Luke Gatewood, Daniel Stone, Gray Mesa, Colton Trecker, Christian Sanchez, Alan Almazan, Hunter Koontz, Will McCarthy, Nico Marti, Justin Moore, Mikey Tang, Frankie Heck, Daniel Rozenberg, Ben Havran, Luke Graffis, Zach McBride, and Tony Gomez, above!

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