BLIND JEANS — They’re Back

In the early ‘90s, skateboarding had a uniform. It consisted of an oversized white t-shirt, half cabs, pumas, or adidas, and, of course, cutoff baggy Blind jeans. As most things do, the fad faded after a run that lasted several years, and skaters moved on. Fast-forward to present day. We’ve seen a resurgence of all things ‘90s—including baggy cutoff jeans. Supreme released its version several years ago, but you can now own a reissue of the original. The iconic pants that defined an era will soon be available in indigo blue and bull denim brown at a skateshop near year. 

If you were born in the ‘90s (or after) and really want to celebrate that special moment in time, then these are a must-have item. If you were around for the first incarnation of Blind jeans, you may want to grab a pair along with one of those 101 reissue decks and spend the remainder of the time between now and October searching eBay for a set of 42MM wheels. Halloween will be here before you know it.

BLIND JEANS -- They’re Back

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