Blondey McCoy Interviews Mark Gonzales For New Podcast Series

Blondey McCoy is one incredibly well-rounded individual. The pro skater designs his own line of clothes (Thames, which has collab-ed with the timeless Fred Perry brand on more than one occasion), is a professional model, produces videos, writes, gets hit by taxicabs (and walks away from it only partially scathed), and is just a renaissance man in general. And now The Blonde One is continuing his multimedia takeover with a new podcast, ‘The Blondey Show,’ which released its third episode yesterday.

The latest show delves deep into the psyche of another extremely creative and influential pro, his adidas Skateboarding teammate Mark Gonzales. In the interview Gonz shares his feelings about life at 52, and acknowledges that there’s something about his playful personality that lets him embrace his more wacky instincts: “Sometimes I think to myself, I wish I’d grow the fuck up!”

McCoy has a way of bringing out some great candid moments here, and he’s got an obvious skill for interviewing. He covers nearly all the bases, from social media to panna cotta, and there’s an excellent passage concerning eschewing creative control that will give you some great insight into the mind of Gonz, a legend who has done it all and always leaves you wanting more:

“There is such a thing as having too much creativity, or too much creative power. That can be harmful.”

‘The Blondey Show’ is available wherever you get your podcasts, including Spotify and iTunes.

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