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Blondey McCoy hinted at what could be a new board brand on Instagram today, with a quick tease of some “Thames” decks. McCoy successfully maintained a skate career (he left Palace in April) AND ran his apparel brand, Thames—which, incredibly, has collabed several times with OG Brit-centric culture brand Fred Perry—for several years. (Last year, he was named as the Vogue Hommes 2018 Stylish Icon Of The Year; the choice was made by Kate Moss, for Kate Moss Agency.) And, as an artist, McCoy has been featured in several gallery shows—the most recent of which, “Stella Populis,” wrapped up its run at the Bronchini Gallery in London last month. If he was indeed starting a new board brand, that would officially make him a jack of all trades.

Here’s the caption for the mysterious post:

“A glimmer of hope, in light of the reinstatement of two Great British Institutions.”

McCoy most recently appeared in the Bronze x Palace video “Serenity Now.” Check it out below:

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