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On the latest episode of The Nine Club, Bob Burnquist talks about growing up in São Paulo, Brazil; turning pro for Urgh Skateboards at 14; going to San Francisco and getting on Real, then Antihero; skating in the X Games; leaving Antihero for The Firm; filming for Menikmati; getting Rodrigo TX on the Firm and eS Footwear; trying to loop the Mt. Baldy full pipe (yikes); how the mega ramp came to be; filming for Flip’s Extremely Sorry; winning 14 X Games gold medals in 22 years; doing the loop switch with no roof; his Dreamland backyard park; skating into the Grand Canyon; his companies Burnkit and Farmaleaf; and retiring from the X Games.

This episode may be mega long, but we promise it won’t send you to Dreamland. For the full BoB effect, supplement this marathon 4-hour interview with a little remix of his 2014 In Transition part, below:

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