BOMBAKLATS — Introduction

Nothing beats the feeling of skating with a tight crew on the regular. Cheering each other on, pushing each other… It’s a vibe that is nearly impossible to duplicate. But the Bombaklats crew has managed to capture this feeling with their full-length video: Bombaklats. Three years in the making, Bombaklats is edited by Sami el Hassani and Jan Maarten Sneep and filmed mostly in Holland and Rotterdam, Netherlands. During the course of filming for the video, several members of the crew have picked up sponsors, some have won contests, and some of the Bombaklats posse have even skated with us at The Berrics. Their energy and excitement for skateboarding is contagious, and those qualities definitely come through in this video. We want all of you to get familiar with the Bombaklats crew, so we’ll air a part from their unique video each weekday for the next few weeks. Today, the Bombaklats intro. Tomorrow: Remco Stolze.

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