Bones Bearings Drops Collin Slew J.Kwon Edit

Bones Bearings dropped a new Collin Slew edit, filmed entirely at J.Kwon in Koreatown. Nothing beats this spot on a Sunday morning, and Slew skates it like he was born there (just seeing him throw a fakie pop shuv in a line is kind of a beautiful thing). Watch the video, above, and then shop our selection of Bones Bearings in The Canteen!

In 2016, we launched LA Week, highlighting some of the spots, people, and businesses that make Los Angeles County the famous hub of skateboarding that it is today. J.Kwon’s ‘Los Angeles Pin’ was an instant favorite, befitting the historic spot that has been featured in dozens of influential videos since the early ’90s. Check it out, along with a few other ‘LA Week’ episodes, below:

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