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Brandon Burleigh Joins Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut Deluxe, the high quality Men’s grooming product company, has stepped into the skate realm by picking up the man with the best hair in skateboarding, none other than the heavy handrail hitting, hair slicked back, modern day greaser proudly introduces Brandon Burleigh to their skate team. From Mission Viejo, Orange County, Brandon embodies the “All American” lifestyle, reflecting it through his classic comb-back hair, worn denim, and a red 1970 Chevrolet Camaro. Brandon’s skating style mirrors his persona – unassuming yet powerful. Whether conquering steep transitions, burly rails, or shoulder-high hubbas, his versatility shines while balancing off the board responsibilities including filming his new ZERO part and managing a Trader Joe’s. Brandon’s collaboration with Uppercut Deluxe delivers a unique blend of style and substance that resonates with both skateboarding and life.

Take a peek into the head (and hair) of one of the gnarliest to do it in his full introduction, filmed and edited by Stone Hendrikx, above!

Back in 2020, Brandon made history at The Berrics by nose picking the untouched Berrics banner

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