BRIAN WENNING — The Bunt Interview

BRIAN WENNING -- The Bunt Interview

Back in April, we posted a clip of new footage from Brian Wenning that looked promising. While it was unclear at that point if a full comeback was imminent, Wenning was certainly looking better than he has in years. We knew that there was more to this story. And there is.

Brian is the latest guest on The Bunt podcast. During his interview, he goes into detail on the ups and downs of his career and where things are at for him personally these days. Highlights include that he is now completely sober, has parted ways with Lockdown Skateboards, has a tribute board coming out on Habitat, and will be making his first trip to California since 2008 in the near future.

While it’s impossible to say how all of this will progress for Wenning, it certainly sounds like he is on the right track.

Brian Wenning | 2017 Footage

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