BRIAN WENNING — ‘Spots’ Interview

BRIAN WENNING  -- ‘Spots’ Interview

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Brian Wenning is one of the most influential street skaters of his era. When Alien Workshop released Photosynthesis in 2000, the world got its first taste of what Wenning is all about. From the lines at Seaport to the tricks at Love, there’s not a dull minute in Wenning’s debut section. And his ender, a switch tre down the stairs at the Brooklyn Banks, is something that will go do down in the history books as one of the most memorable tricks at that infamous set. Brian recalls how it went down in his new ‘Spots’ interview with Village Psychic.

The Photosynthesis deadline was a week away and I wanted it for my last trick.

I was ready for the filming; that got me psyched. Some people get weird in front of the cameras, but that brought out my best skating. Especially when you’re filming with someone you have chemistry with, it just works for me.

I had my whole part at home edited on a VHS tape and it was just missing that. I had been trying it for a while. I was in high school so it was like 6 weeks of stressing in the lunchroom, ‘This weekend is gonna be the one, this weekend is gonna be the one.’ That day I did it down a four-stair five times in a row, and then we went to The Banks. I committed, landed, stuck, and just rode away. One of them ones where you’re riding away and you’re like ‘I can’t believe this just happened.’ That and the LOVE gap are probably the best feeling tricks of all time for me.

Head over to the Village Psychic site to read the entire piece. And revisit Brian’s Photosynthesis part below.

VHS: Brian Wenning | Alien Workshop Photosynthesis [2000]

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