Brixton’s Riley Hawk Takes Pride In His Coffee

Riley Hawk owns a really sick coffee shop in Oceanside, California, called Steel Mill, which also doubles as a record store and performance space. The Brixton rider talks about his appreciation for all the work that goes into making a good cup of joe in the brand’s latest video above. (You could say he’s on his grind… that works on like three different levels.) If you find yourself in O-side, visit Steel Mill at 605 Mission Ave!

As a pro, musician, business owner, and playable Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater character—Riley Hawk wears many hats. We featured him in 2014’s Run & Gun contest with a blistering run that criss-crossed the park, hitting every transition along the way. Watch that entry, along with his 2017 Populist compilation, recent Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video, and 2012 Bangin, below:

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