General Ops


The Berrics family extends far beyond the people who run the site, skate the park or even visit the website. I recently had the opportunity of collaborating with 3 members of this family; Daniel Duarte – a former Berrics employee, Tobias Wilner – a Danish musician, and “Pepper”, an amazing homeless man who calls the area of downtown LA where our offices are located, his home. The music video came about like this: 1. Tobias hooked us up and did the score for Go All Day as a favor. 2. His band Blue Foundation has a new album coming out May 22nd and he asked me to direct a music video for a track. 3. Pepper hangs out at the Berrics on a daily basis and always has incredible stories to share with us. 4. I wanted to share some of Pepper’s stories with the world. 5. I asked Daniel to co-direct the video with me. 6. Daniel and I spent a day traveling with Pepper through the neighborhood. 7. The end.