Bronson’s Jack Olson & Maurio McCoy Accept The ‘No Push’ Challenge

New pros Jack Olson and Maurio McCoy recently went round-for-round in downtown LA for Bronson‘s “no push” challenge. What’s a “no push challenge”? You just see how many tricks you can do in a line, without pushing. This deceptively simple challenge was filmed on one of LA’s busiest blocks (across from City Hall and the Police Station… sneaky) so these skaters were ducking and dodging pedestrians before and after every trick. It was McCoy who ended up getting the marathon line, which went around the block and into Little Tokyo.

Olson and McCoy have both been pushing with us for years, racking up dozens of Bangins, Recruits, BATB matches, and more, over the years. You can watch a handful of these projects below:

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