Watch Bronson Speed Co.’s 9-Minute Team Montage Here

Bronson Speed Co. have a reputation for producing some of the fastest bearings around. (We believe the technical term is “Fast As Fuck.”) In fact, you just might get a little whiplash watching this montage of some of the team’s 2019 greatest hits. You are now ballin’ with the best.

Tyson Peterson, Jamie Foy, Corey Glick, Frankie Heck, Clint Walker, Alec Majerus, Aaron Homoki, Tom Asta, Zion Wright, Kevin Braun, David Gravette, Clive Dixon, Dylan Williams, Maurio McCoy, Jack Olson, Zach Allen, Pedro Delfino, Dakota Servold, Tanner Van Vark, AJ Zavala, Alexis Ramirez, Braden Hoban, and Alex Willms. Filmed by Tim Cisilino, Tim Fulton, Joe Perrin, Nick Hanson, Felix Soto, Chris Varcadipane, Cody Long, Adam Mills, Darien Brown, Jesse Silva, Ryan Lee, Dan Connelly, Jacob Nuñez, and Dave Hoang.

Check out one of the projects we worked on with Bronson, below:

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