Bronson’s David Gravette Shelters In Place At ‘Worst Skatepark Ever’

David Gravette‘s latest project for Bronson Speed Co. is a sort of fool’s errand: Search out the worst skatepark on God’s green earth and just try to make the most of that shit. Most recently, his quest brought him to Hermiston, Oregon, where he can safely adhere to the current “social distancing” guidelines… because you’re not gonna run into anybody at this park (even the local, Cory, won’t admit he’s local). Is it just us, or does this park actually seem hella fun?

Gravette knows skateparks. He participated in our 2015 edition of “In Transition,” filmed entirely at Windell’s in Sandy, Oregon. Watch this part, his behind-the-scenes video, and his “Halloweekend Massacre” edit from 2015, below:

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