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Bronson’s ‘Worst Skatepark Ever’ with David Gravette at the Florideah Swampfest

David Gravette is back with another installment of Bronson‘s ‘Worst Skatepark Ever’ series. In the latest episode, the outdoor loving nature boy makes his way down south to skate through a plethora of plywood in the middle of a swamp at the 2023 Florideah Swampfest. Take a tour of swamp’s main attractions like the vert wall littered with random assortment of items, the Blood Wizard bowl, various castle ramps, the mud pit, and a double kink he manages to squeak out a 5-0 before ripping around on his BMX bike.

Watch the full episode, filmed by Chris Gregson, above, and check out some of the projects we’ve filmed with David, below!

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