‘Bust Crew’ Releases Bobby Worrest Raw Clips

Bobby Worrest and Washington, D.C.’s Pulaski plaza are inseparable. It was the setting for his incredible debut in 2006’s Krooked Khronicles, and it’s been a recurring spot in the many parts that followed, from Chris Hall’s Get Familiar (to this day, no one can step to his after-black line) to his Venture intro from last year. He has probably covered every square inch of that block hundreds of times, and logged thousands of hours there. Worrest is to Pulaski as Mike Carroll is to the Embarcadero, and Stevie Williams is to Love Park—a legendary combination.

Bust Crew added another chapter to the Worrest + Pulaski love story this week with a raw edit of clips filmed last year for Venture. The plaza seems barren in these clips, with only a few locals keeping watch while Worrest does his thing. It really puts the massive size of the plaza into focus, and Worrest needs every spare yard of granite to take extra unnecessary pushes (speed has always been one of his hallmarks); anything smaller than Pulaski just seems… wrong. In this 2013 video, Worrest basically does laps around Cherry Park, hitting every obstacle flawlessly, until (we assume) the filmer ran out of battery—Worrest at Cherry feels inhumane, like a cheetah was locked up in a chihuahua carrier. Thanks to Bust Crew, we can watch Worrest in his natural habitat once again.

Speaking of locking up a cheetah in a chihuahua carrier: We invited Worrest to skate in Battle At The Berrics 9 back in 2016. The theme was ‘New Blood,’ marking the first time he played S.K.A.T.E. under our roof. Check out his BATB matches from that year, and his Off The Grid from 2012, below:

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