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WORDS: Stu Gomez

When we debuted "Do a Kickflip! With Eric Koston" a few months ago, we didn’t foresee that the concept would spread like wildfire. In the past week alone we’ve seen an Urban Outfitters video featuring Paramore singer Hayley Williams gamely taking a kickflip request, and we’ve seen BuzzFeed Blue try their hand at the seemingly evergreen concept. BFB’s approach—above—has a distinctly torture-porny feel to it, though: They stick a non-skating reporter (Patrick Ward, who has always wanted to do a kickflip) in a basement bathroom set that looks like something out of the Saw movies and gleefully watch him take repeated punishment. It’s brutal.

We won’t say that the homie has no business attempting to learn a kickflip, but when you haven’t mastered an ollie and the best tip that your more experienced skater buddy can offer is “visualize it,” well… this isn’t exactly in your “wheelhouse,” bro. Having said that, the attempts are fascinating to watch—he even almost accidentally does a hardflip—and ultimately very satisfying. SPOILER: Ward manages to nab his white whale, but instead of walking away a winner he takes a page out of Icarus’s handbook. Flippin’ greedy.

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