CALL ME 917 — Full Video

Over the weekend, Alex Olson released the inaugural video from his brand Call Me 917. It includes standout parts from Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer, Aidan Mackey, and more. The video has been receiving rave reviews via Instagram. Have a look at some of the testemonials below, and watch the video for yourself above. It’s also available for download on the 917 site.

Andrew Reynolds


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I’ve known @olsonstuff since he was little kid, we skated on melrose together, and I always thought he was funny and kind of a spaz! Today he put out a great skateboarding video!!! Check it out

Ben Colen


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These guys all killed it in the new @callme917 vid! It’s actually real go watch it!

Atiba Jefferson


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Watch the new @callme917it rules @aidanmackey3371

Bill Strobeck


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@callme917video…good shit

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