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Camp Woodward Launches Season 12 with Newcomer Julian Jeang-Agliardi

Woodward launched the latest season of their flagship show, Camp Woodward, last week with a fresh face that we’re quite familiar with. Julian Jeang-Agliardi, Kristion Jordan, Kendra Long, and Mia Lovell lead the season 12 cast on a whole new adventure as we follow these four skateboarders on a cross-country road trip like no other. With Skate Program Designer Ryan Sheckler and the Sandlot Times crew along for the ride, they’re hitting up Woodward West, Woodward Tahoe, Woodward Park City, Woodward Copper and of course, Woodward PA. In the first episode of the season, we follow the cast as they check out the terrain of Woodward West and meet up with Ryan Sheckler and the Sandlot Times crew. With a lineup like this, there’s no telling what will happen along the way.

The show, which has played a role in launching the pro careers of Jake Wooten, CJ Collins, and Frankie Spears, launched last week with a few Berrics favorites in starring roles. Watch the first episode of ‘Camp Woodward’, above! Check out some of our previous videos with Julian and Jordan, along with some of our segments filmed at Woodward’s camp throughout the country, below:

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