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Chad and JT Pitch Skate City Idea to Mikey Taylor at City Council Meeting

Chad and JT, the hosts of the Going Deep with Chad and JT podcast, known for their hilarious media appearances, recently pitched a new idea for Thousand Oaks to the only man in city council who might listen, Mikey Taylor. The dynamic duo want to protect skateboarders right to rip a fat blunt slide by turning the city of Thousand Oaks into an all marble metropolis void the government ripping joy away from us in the form of skate stoppers.

Will Mikey Taylor get behind their mission to coat the entire city in marble to transform Thousand Oaks into the Narnia of skateboarding? (Emphasis on the GNAR). Only time will tell. Your move Councilman Taylor

Iconically, the podcast pair got the idea from the one and only P-Rod in episode 284 of their podcast. Watch P-rod’s appearance on ‘Going Deep,’ below!

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