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Chad Muska isn’t big on labels. And while he may be known primarily as one of the biggest stars in the history of skateboarding—no exaggeration—he makes a persuasive case for how everything he does is all connected in the new “Bathroom Break” podcast. He isn’t a skater/artist/musician; he just IS. Or as he puts it: “I don’t like to put any limitations on anything in life.” Much like the herb he likes to burn, this is sage wisdom.

Hosted by Raab Himself, “Bathroom Break” spends an hour with (The) Muska, and what a quality hour it is. They go over his early years, his art, his music, and how skateboarding has been a constant source of positivity.

When people say, “The sky’s the limit,” Muska just laughs. We caught up with the creator of the ultra-popular Skytop at the Supra offices for our Los Angeles Pins series back in 2016, and also for a Supra Skytop V wear test in the park the following year. Check out these videos below:

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