Chad Muska is one of the most successful skateboarders of all time. From his signature shoes to video game appearances, Muska has earned enough through his professional skateboarding career to afford him a life that most can only dream of. Now, older and wiser, Muska has an entirely different perspective on what success actually means. He breaks it down the 55:13 mark of the latest episode of the No Jumper podcast.

Years ago, I had no idea. I was chasing this dream of being a pro skater, making money, and obtaining these material possessions that I thought were so relevant to success. They were the image of success. I needed to have this car, this house, this jewelry, and these clothes. All these things were so important. At the end of the day, they’re not that important.

It’s great to have a nice new thing. Put on some new shoes. Feel good about yourself. I’m not saying you’ve got to be a dirt ball your whole life or something like that. But if you’re continually chasing, you’ll never be satisfied. You have to reach a point where it’s like, “It doesn’t matter if I have the newest everything.” I’ve got what I’ve got. And I’m happy with that. I’m able to live and eat. The basic essentials are most important.

I think a lot of this world is chasing an unobtainable idea of what life is, and what success is. And they’re leaving what are truly the most important things behind.

Watch the entire interview above.

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