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After 13 years, Chaz Ortiz has decided to part ways with Zoo York. The announcement was posted on his Instagram last night, and the caption closed with a cryptic “It’s only the beginning.”

Of course, the news was met with immediate speculation: of the nearly 300 comments on Ortiz’s post, a healthy majority seems to think he’s headed to Shane O’Neill’s inaugural board brand. That may be wishful thinking, but it’s not far-fetched: everyone who has watched Ortiz’s trajectory knows that he belongs on a team that is elite and prestigious; his unique mixture of progression, consistency in competitions, and style, make him an excellent prospect for any company.

We’re very interested in seeing how Ortiz makes his next move. Here’s his announcement in full:

Thanks @zooyorkofficial for a solid 13 years! It’s time to start a new chapter in my skate career! Shout out to everyone that held me down for all that time! Got to travel the world with some of the best people! All good things come to an end! I’m excited for what’s next! It’s only the beginning.

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