Chaz Ortiz Counts Down His Top 10 In Krux’s Latest Video

Chaz Ortiz has been married for about a year, so Krux caught up with him to find out where the wifey ranks in his top ten. (We think she agrees, Ortiz.) In the latest ‘10 Things I Can’t Live Without,’ Ortiz also shouts out his passport (stamped in Belize, Ortiz?), his laptop (clean those keys, Ortiz), his Hypervolt massager (watch out for those knees, Ortiz), and his dog King (awww, it’s cute when they sneeze, Ortiz). Check out the video, above (pleez).

We have worked with Ortiz since he was just a li’l Steez, back in 2009. The former Battle Commander has filmed dozens of projects with us, including a massively viral edit for Gatorade that Colin Kennedy directed, ‘Go All Day.’ Watch some of his videos, below:

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