Check Out Tom Rohrer’s Trick Tips Tutorial Series

The Berrics has several full-time slaves responsible for keeping the wheels spinning, and Tom ‘The Roarer’ Rohrer is top slave around here. Somehow, he’s found the time to launch a regular tutorial series (“trick tips,” if you will), and it looks like he’s actually pretty good! Who knew? Actually, Tom has approximately 500 tricks that he has mastered when he isn’t making his eyeballs bleed while staring at Photoshop; the series currently teaches you some staples like kickflip, heelflip, and all the shuvs. You could learn a lot from a Tommy.

Check out the latest episode, above, and be sure to subscribe to his channel because if he can monetize it then maybe he’ll stop asking us for a raise. Great work, Tom!

Now get back to work like the rest of these suckers, Tom.

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