Chicago’s ‘Deep Dish’ Zine Releases Seventh Full-Length

Established in 2012, Chicago’s Deep Dish zine has regularly released full-length edits celebrating its local rippers. Now, after seven years, Free Mag has premiered Deep Dish‘s seventh edit: Seven. Mark Dunning gives a little background about the series below:

“On November 1, 2012, we released the first Deep Dish edit and zine. Exactly seven years later, we premiered our seventh full-length video. Looking back, it’s crazy to me how much Deep Dish has grown and yet how little it has changed. It started as a creative outlet—a way to keep my sanity and to document those I care most about. Today, it is the same.

“Seven is the latest addition to our archive. Seven was filmed over nearly two years, mostly in Chicago and partially on the East Coast where I moved for work. Big ups to Jon Schmoldt: Jon held it down in Chicago and was the main driving force behind documenting the crew while he also battled knee injuries. This video would not be possible without him and everyone featured in it. They all deserve a moment of recognition. A main motivation behind DEEP DISH has remained shining a light on the growing scene of Chicago. I often feel like a broken record preaching about the city — how it seems to be the forgotten city in skateboarding despite its abundant marble plazas and cutty gems… For those of you there, keep taking advantage of it. For those of you that haven’t caught on, enjoy the video.”

Seven features Brett Weinstein, Chris Jata, Dustin Eggeling, Giorgio Villone, Mark Dunning, Neil Herrick, Steffen Watts, and Taylor Nawrocki. Learn more about Deep Dish here.

Peep some OG Deep Dish below:

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