Watch Chicago Scene Full-Length ‘Black Wheels’ Here

Chicago, Illinois, is one America’s most highly regarded skateboarding hubs—and for good reason. With the city’s mix of unique spots and enthusiastic locals, there’s always something exciting going on. Will Riemer’s recent full-length project, ‘Black Wheels,’ reflects that sensibility; he filmed with dozens of friends—in some less than ideal conditions—and pulled it off beautifully. Watch Cole Hosman, Lorenzo Slominski, Demarcus Quick, Jeremy Williams, Cam Szabo, Joe Petrucci, Randy Benko, Gunner Beck, Eric Garcia, Billy Duszynski, Logan Gorman, Adolfo Franco, Rick Huerta, Giovanni Alvarez, and more, in the video above. DVDs are available here.

Watch some of our projects filmed in Chicago over the years, below:

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