Watch Chico Brenes Skate Boards Of All Shapes And Sizes

Longtime Berrics favorite Chico Brenes has become known for his increasingly diverse variety of whips in his quiver. But with each new whip a new set of trucks (preferably broken-in with stock bushings) is required—that’s where Independent comes in. The brand’s latest edition of the brand’s ‘My Indys’ series features Cheeks gettin’ down on boards ranging from a teeny-tiny cruiser to a beastly 12”-wide Dogtown. First trick on each? A nollie heel, of course. Check out the video, filmed by Brendan Bill and edited by Cody Long, above!

Brenes is an OG and has been working on projects at The Berrics since the very first BATB (when he battled Arto Saari AND Mike Mo Capaldi)! Watch a handful of his videos, below:

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