Chico Brenes Featured In NBC’s Pier 7 Update

Skaters of a certain age will remember San Francisco‘s amazing Pier 7 spot—a hop, skip, and an ollie away from Embarcadero—and how the city broke everybody’s hearts by skate-stopping the manny pads and ledges. (The manny pads received a wooden deck makeover, instantly becoming your grill-fanatic uncle’s back porch.) Well, recently the spot was de-skate-stopped, presumably by a very handy team of skate history buff vigilantes, and local heads headed to the renewed spot in droves. Among the skaters revisiting the classic spot was longtime Berrics favorite Chico Brenes, and he was featured in a shockingly well-done piece for NBC Bay Area.

The report, by Joe Rosato Jr., gives a little bit of history about The City’s efforts to skate-stopped the whole waterfront in the ’90s (of course, it continues today). Rosato does his homework and delivers it in a poetic style that is light years ahead of his peers’ pandering bullshit: “The wheels of rebellion are turning, grinding, in this City of Views.” Okay, okay, we see you Joe!

For those of you who were lucky enough to skate Pier 7 in its heyday, this piece might have you taking a quick road trip. It’s almost too good to be true—like a honey trap—but if there’s a chance we’ll get to roll with Brenes or maybe, just maybe, Karl Watson… we’re there!

The City By The Bay is mecca for many, and we’ve filmed our share of projects there over the years. Watch a handful of these videos below, and stay safe out there!

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