Chocolate Melts Canada And New York In Their ‘T.O.N.Y. Tour’

Chocolate  went buckwild in Toronto, New York, and many points in between, for their recent “T.O.N.Y.” tour. When you have this much talent in the van, T.O.N.Y. is no baloney. Video features James Capps, Vincent Alvarez, Yonnie Cruz, Stevie Perez, Hakeem Ducksworth, and Carl Aikens, with Rick Howard, Andrew Brophy, and Giorgio Villone. ‘T.O.N.Y. Tour’ was filmed by John Marello, Daniel Policelli, and Matt Schleyer, and edited by John Marello.

The Crailtap riders have been working with The Berrics since before a single clip was filmed in our teeny, tiny Myers St private warehouse. (Ty Evans put together an awesome ‘Skate Fairy’ episode devoted to the LA sanctuary in 2006.) Check out a random assortment of Crail projects since 2007, below (thanks for the memories!):

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