Multi-Talented Filmer Chris Gregson Visits ‘The Nine Club’

Long-considered skateboarding’s finest “follow filmer,” Chris Gregson has been behind some of the best transition clips to come out in the past five years. The Nine Club‘s interviewers pick his brain in today’s episode, going over some of his many accomplishments, including winning Tampa Am vert when he was just 14; how he got into filming; helping film Geoff Rowley for Flip’s Extremely Sorry; what’s it like filming contests; how he balances being a pro skater and filmer; turning Pro for Blood Wizard; being a stand-in for Tony Hawk; skating the pool Tony Alva did the first frontside air in; how he and his friend make the music for all the video parts he edits; and how he approaches follow filming on Elliot Sloan’s mega ramp. Phew! We can see why this interview is 3 hours long! Follow the leader of follow filming, above.

When our head filmer, Chase Gabor, moved here from Illinois, Gregson was the first person he skated with—this was back when Gregson was simultaneously the filmer for Flip AND am for Birdhouse. Check out Gregson’s Bangin’ from 2015, and his work on Greyson Fletcher’s amazing 2014 In Transition entry, below:

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