Chris Joslin Releases Footage Of El Toro 360 Flip Attempts

In May 2018, Chris Joslin revealed in a Route One interview that he had been trying to get a 360 flip at the El Toro 20-stair in Lake Forest, California. For years, the world wanted the footage—bail or make—but there was always a chance that Joslin would go back and conquer this beast, so he’s kept the footage under wraps. Now, with the upgraded, ADA-compliant remodeling at that stair-set, he’s realizing that the likelihood of being able to get that trick is pretty low… so he has released the clips! Watch both El Toro sessions, posted to his Instagram feed last night, above and below.

‘I will never, I repeat, NEVER be going back for this.’

While we’re sad that Joslin will never get his white whale, we’re happy that he won’t be getting brutally pummeled for one trick anymore (all of these bails are excruciating to watch). That means he’ll be healthy enough to film more at The Berrics! Wait a minute… he stuck a 360 flip at El Toro, almost got broke in half, then won Battle At The Berrics X? Invincible.

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When Joslin isn’t quietly taming one of the world’s most intimidating stair sets, he’s…  here! Check out just a few of the projects the BATB X champ worked on with us, below:

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