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Chris Joslin has released more clips and full parts over his (relatively short) career than any other active pro. This is not only inarguable, it is well documented. With such an astounding body of work, it would be totally acceptable for him to kinda rehash his greatest hits and call it a day every now and then. But that’s not how Joslin rolls…

In his latest part, supporting his "Unstoppable" shoe for Etnies, Joslin goes where we’ve never really seen him go before—five minutes of continuous ledge clips, lines, and even SF hill bombing. The only stair sets in sight are faintly visible in the background and receding beyond the frame. Always a one-man show, Joslin even displays his excellent teamwork in a synchronized doubles dance with Trevor McClung that might qualify as the coolest clip of the week so far.

Shop the Joslin “Unstoppable” shoe at the Etnies site.

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